Welfare Fund

The International Union of Operating Engineers Local 14-14B Welfare Fund was established on March 15, 1976 to provide heatlth care benefits to eligible members and their families. The Local 14-14B Welfare Fund is financed by fringe benefit contributions made by contributing employers pursuant to applicable collective bargaining agreements.

Members. You are eligible to participate in the Plan if you work at least 250 hours in covered employment with a contributing employer in a four-month coverage period. There are three four-month coverage periods: March-June, July-October and November-February. Once you have worked 250 hours in a four-month coverage period and redeem stamps representing those hours worked (the 250 hours must be current; no credit is given for "old" stamps), you will be eligible for benefits under the Plan.

Owner/Operators. Local 14-14B members who are Owner/Operators are required to contribute 667 hours in Benefit Fund Stamps per redemption period. Failure to contribute this amount in any redemption period will result in a loss of eligibility for coverage. For a copy of this coverage policy, you may contact the Fund Office.

Enrollment. You (the member) are automatically enrolled for coverage when you first become eligible for benefits. However, the Fund Office will send you an enrollment package. You should return the completed package along with all request paperwork to the Fund Office. If you have eligible dependents, you must enroll them when you are first eligible in order for them to be covered. If the Fund Office does not receive a completed enrollment package including required documentation, your dependents will not be eligible for benefits. If you acquire a new dependent after you are initially eligible for benefits, you will need to enroll your new dependent when you add him or her, as described in the "Special Enrollment" section of the Summary Plan Description.

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