Annuity Fund

The International Union of Operating Engineers Local 14-14B Annuity Fund has established a Plan that is designated to provide you with a valuable supplement to the retirement income you may receive from other sources, such as the Pension Fund and Social Security.

Who's Eligible

You are eligible to participate in the Plan if you are covered by a collective bargaining agreement that requires your employer to contribute to the Plan on your behalf. You're also eligible if you are a full-time employee of I.U.O.E Local 14-14B or the Benefit Fund Office.

Employer Contributions

Your employer contributes to the Fund according to its collective bargaining agreement with I.U.O.E Local 14-14B. The collective bargaining agreement specifies exactly how much your employer must contribute on your behalf.

You receive employer contributions in the form of Benefit Stamps. Your employer distributes these Stamps to you with your paycheck. The Benefit Fund Stamps you receive are not transferable nor are they redeemable for cash or other compensation. An amount equal to the value of the Annuity portion of these Benefit Fund Stamps will be credited to your Individual Account under the Plan.

Naming a Beneficiary

Once you become a plan participant, you'll be asked to name a beneficiary or beneficiaries to receive your account balance if you die before receiving all of it. You do this by completing a Beneficiary Designation Form and returning it to the Fund Office. Forms are available at the Fund Office.

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You can access your Empower Account by calling 833-569-2433 or by clicking here.

Click here to read the Annuity Fund SPD