Fringe Benefit Stamps

Stamp Window hours:
Monday thru Friday 8am-3:15pm
(718) 939-1489 ext 114

“***Effective July 1st, 2024 our Stamp Period will be 46 and 46A for Apprentices***”

July is Stamp Redemption Month

PLEASE NOTE: Stamp books must be received by 7/31/2024. Any books received after 7/31/2024, regardless of the postmark date, will be held for the following redemption. Books received with non-certified cash-in-lieu checks will be held for 5 business days. Any non-certified checks received after July 24th, 2024 will not be included in your book.


Stamps may be purchased at the stamp window, through the mail or by emailing a stamp order form. We require a certified check or you may wire your funds directly; otherwise, the order will be held for 5 business days. If you wish to have the stamps returned to you via Federal Express or UPS, please include a completed air bill with your order. Please be sure to put the week ending date on the order form.

Stamps can only be purchased by contractors who have a signed collective bargaining agreement. If you do not have a signed agreement, please call the Local 14-14B Union Office at (718) 939-0600 for assistance. Contactors are highly encouraged to purchase Cash in Lieu stamps to avoid delays.


Cash in Lieu checks received by participants must be sent in as soon as they are received. We will NOT process checks over six months old. All checks must include your name, social security number, the week ending date and the amount of hours worked. Any non-certified checks received after July 24th, 2024 will not be included in your July redemption.


Stamps can be refunded or exchanged at anytime. Please send a completed order form indicating the stamps being returned. For exchanges, please submit an additional order form specifying which stamps you are exchanging them for. Please allow additional time for all refunds and exchanges as they take time to process and therefore cannot be executed at the Stamp Window.


For Participants: If your stamps are lost or stolen, please call the contractor who issued them to you for replacement. It is important to always keep a photocopy of all stamps for your records.

For Contractors: If stamps are lost or stolen, they can be replaced. Please email or fax us a letter on your company letterhead with the stamp numbers that need to be replaced. It is important that you maintain a record of stamps you issue to the participants. Without a serial number, stamps cannot be replaced.


Redemption takes place during the months of March, July, and November.

Stamp Books must be in the Fund Office by the last day of the Redemption month. Subsequent books received, will not be processed until the first day of the following redemption month. All certified cash in lieu checks within your book will be processed immediately, all others, will be held 5 business days along with your book before it can be processed. Please keep in mind that the first day of Redemption also starts the first day of the new stamp period. Make sure that the contractors give you the correct stamps.


  • Please photocopy your entire stamp book before mailing. In the event that your stamp book is lost or stolen, we can scan in your stamp copies ONLY. Pictures will NOT be accepted.
  • If your current medical eligibility ends 6/30/2024, we encourage you to immediately send in your Stamp Book by the first week of July to avoid lapse in your coverage.
  • As a reminder, all owner operators must submit 667 hours by the first week of July to avoid lapse in medical coverage.