Pension Fund

You're eligible to participate in the Pension Plan if you work for a contributing employer in covered employment. A "contributing employer" is an employer that is required under the collective bargaining agreement to contribute to the Pension Plan on your behalf. If you work for a contributing employer, then all hours you work for that employer are considered "covered employment". You're also eligible if you are a full-time employee of I.U.O.E Local 14-14B or the Benefit Fund Office.

When Participation Begins

You earn pension credits when you work in covered employment. For each 300 hours worked, you earn 1/4 pension credit. So, your participation in the Pension Plan begins once you have worked a mininum of 300 hours in covered employment.

Once your participation has begun, it will continue for as long as you remain actively employed by an employer and contributions are made to the Fund on your behalf. Generally, participation ends only if you have a "break in service", retire or die before you retire.

Pension Credits and Vesting Service

The amount of your pension depends on how many pension credits you've earned (among other factors). You earn pension credits throughout your career based on how many hours you work each year in covered employment. Your pension credits are then multiplied by the applicable benefit rate to determine the amount of your monthly (unreduced) pension benefit.

Generally, after you have earned five years of vesting service, you are vested in the Plan. Once you are vested, you have earned a right to pension benefit from the plan.

Hours of Covered Employment Pension Credits Earned
1,200 or more hours 1 credit year
At least 900, but less than 1,200 hours 3/4 credit year
At least 600, but less than 900 hours 1/2 credit year
At least 300, but less than 600 hours 1/4 credit year
Less than 300 hours None

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