One of the benefits of being a member of Local 14-14B is that you have available to you some of the best health, retirement and retraining benefits available in the construction industry. Briefly, these benefits are outlined below. For more in-depth information, we suggest that you review the Summary Plan Description for each of the Plans.

Annuity Plan

Local 14 is very proud to provide its members with an Annuity Plan which provides an extra retirement benefit to those members who have worked hard in the construction industry. The Local 14 Annuity Plan is setup as a participant-directed investment program which is administered through Prudential Retirement Services, one of the preeminent retirement service providers in the country. The Local 14 Annuity Plan provides diverse investment options for its participants, as well as providing the opportunity for eligible members to take a loan or hardship distribution from their individual accounts for such purposes, including but not limited to: buying a primary residence, making a home improvement or preventing a mortgage foreclosure. (The full list of available loan and hardship options and the detailed rules are provided in SPD booklet.)

Pension Plan

The Local 14 Pension Plan provides members with retirement income in addition to social security and Annuity Plan account. This retirement benefit is available to all members who satisfy the written requirements established by the Plan. Presently, a member of Local 14 is entitled to a pension benefit if he or she satisfies any of the following criteria:

Regular Pension: Once you've reached age 62 and have earned at least 5 pension credits of future service.

Early Retirement Pension: Once you've reached age 55 (but are not yet 62) and have earned at least 15 pension credits.

Disability Award Pension: If you are "totally and permanently disabled," have been awarded a Social Security Disability Award and you've earned 10 pension credits.

Vested Pension: If you stop working in covered employment before retirement, but after you've completed at least five years of vesting service.

Training Program

The Local 14 Training Program provides members with skill-advancement training through classes held at the union hall and the training facility in Montrose, New York, as well as hands-on practical supervised training on the heavy construction equipment maintained at the Montrose training facility. In addition, Local 14 has a DOL certified Apprenticeship Program wherein registered apprentices receive classroom, practical and on-the-job training. For information concerning the Apprenticeship Program or journeyperson skill advancement training classes, please contact Director of Journey Person and Apprenticeship Training, Michael Gonoud or Thomas Gordon at (718) 939-0600, Ext. 126.

Welfare Plan

The Local 14 Welfare Plan provides a wide array of health care benefits to those members, their spouses and dependents who satisfy the eligibility requirements outlined in the SPD booklet. Local 14 and the Trustees of the Local 14 Welfare Plan are proud of the fact that this Plan is able to provide participants with medical, hospital, death, prescription drug, dental and vision benefits. As a union member, you and your family are entitled to the highest level of health care available, and the Local 14 Welfare Plan ensures that you and your family are protected in times of illness. If you have any questions concerning your medical benefits, please contact the Fund Office at (718) 939-1489.